Skate Programs

Fall 2017

Mini-Shreds Skateboard Program
Designed for Boys and Girls ages 4 to 11 years old working on their basic balance, core strength and stability.

Freestyle Skateboarding Program
Designed for all levels of skateboarder (Boys and Girls) age 12+. This fun based, affordable skateboard program is a great introduction for young riders to develop and progress skateboard skills.

Program runs for 6 weeks on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays and/or Sundays

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Private sessions

15 minutes learn to skate on us!

Age 3+ (adults too!)

Ever wanted to learn how to skateboard and not sure where to start? We have a private indoor skateboard park so you don’t have to worry about the intimidating crowds. Come spend 15 minutes with us, no strings attached and see if it’s for you!

Cost: Free!

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Private sessions

Learn to Skate one hour private session  

Designed for Boys and Girls ages 3 and up that want to try skateboarding. Our experienced coaches will be working on basic balance and stability with the kids. This program promotes fun and progression in all aspects of skateboarding in a private, safe environment. It is the perfect way to initiate beginner skaters to the sport, and an easy introduction to progress into our Camps.

These sessions are offered to accommodate your busy schedule.

1 one-on-one session 1 hour $50 + GST

*We can provide a skateboard, helmet and pads, but if you have your own equipment please bring it.

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