Updated Drop-In Schedule

The Compound is closed for Drop In Skate until the end of the restrictions.

COVID Update- All participants must use the Alberta Health’s Self Assessment Tool before attending. If you answer YES to any of the questions please do not come to Drop-In sessions.

Please wear a mask at all times (even when skating)

ALL Drop-In sessions are by registration only. You must reserve your spot each and every session. We made this process easy. Literally, just add your name to whatever session you want to skate. If the session is full, you won’t be able to register. Pay on arrival. If you sign up and no show – you will be added to the shit list. Honour system.

Wednesday, April 7th [4pm-6pm]  [7pm-9pm]

Thursday, April 8th [4pm-6pm]  [7pm-9pm]

Friday, April 9th [3pm-5pm] [8:30pm-10:30pm

Saturday, April 10th [4pm-6pm] [7pm-9pm]

Sunday, April 11th [4pm-6pm]

Wednesday, April 14th [4pm-6pm]  [7pm-9pm]

Thursday, April 15th [4pm-6pm]  [7pm-9pm]

Friday, April 16th [3pm-5pm] [8:30pm-10:30pm

Saturday, April 17th [4pm-6pm] [7pm-9pm]

Sunday, April 18th [4pm-6pm]

Wednesday, April 21st [4pm-6pm]  [7pm-9pm]

Thursday, April 22nd [4pm-6pm[7pm-9pm]

Friday, April 23rd [3pm-5pm] [8:30pm-10:30pm

Saturday, April 24th [4pm-6pm] [7pm-9pm]

Sunday, April 25th [4pm-6pm]

Wednesday, April 28th [4pm-6pm]  [7pm-9pm]

Thursday, April 29th [4pm-6pm]  [7pm-9pm]

Friday, April 30th [3pm-5pm] [8:30pm-10:30pm

Saturday, May 1st [4pm-6pm] [7pm-9pm]

Sunday, May 2nd [4pm-6pm]

Buy Skate Pass Online

2020/21 skate passes

-Drop In $15*
-Punch pass (10 uses)  $120*
-Season Pass $300* (Unlimited skate) 

*Prices don’t include GST

CLICK HERE to purchase your pass!

Open Drop IN

Drop In hours⠀⠀⠀

March 5th to 28th

Tuesdays [4pm-6pm]  [7pm-9pm]

Wednesdays [4pm-6pm]  [7pm-9pm]

Thursdays [4pm-6pm]  [7pm-9pm]

Fridays [3pm-5pm] [8:30pm-10:30pm] 

Saturdays [4pm-6pm] [7pm-9pm]

Sundays [4pm-6pm]

**No alcohol or drugs are allowed on site and membership will be revoked on first offence


Online waivers! Be ready to skate. Sign before you come.

Waiver for minors
Waiver for adults

Must provide own equipment.

Skateboard & Helmet are mandatory. Knee pads and elbow pads are recommended.

All programs are subject to 5% GST. All programs are non-refundable – no exceptions including injuries.