Calgary female skate collective 100% Skate Club goes citywide

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CALGARY — Like a jailhouse filled with violent and non-violent offenders alike, Erica Jacobs is both wild and mild under one roof.

By day, she earns a living as a dental hygienist (albeit, of the sort pleasant and affable enough to easily endure the invasive process of having your teeth scrapped with sharp little weapons), but by night she’s a totally badass, four-wheeling psychopath who assembles women of every age to explore the benefits and infinite bliss that skateboarding can instill.

Founder of Calgary’s first and only all-female skate collective, 100% Skate Club (or ‘Hunny P,’ as Jacobs sometimes refers to her baby), Jacobs has sounded the call.

“Let’s laugh. Let’s share, let’s grow women’s skateboarding,” says Jacobs. “Let’s support each other and build a community where girls can learn how to skateboard. We had two moms sign up last night.”

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